The following links are to sites similar or related to Oficina das Malhas:


Camelotia – Artisan workshop. Porto, Portugal

East London Knit – Artisan workshop, UK

Custom Design Sweater Studio – Artisan workshop. Leonia, NJ

AhaBolivia – Hand knitting, Bolivia

Vlad Knitwear – Hand knitting. NY and Eastern Europe

Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator – Design and prototyping, NY

Aniela Designs – Bespoke knitwear. Wales, UK


L’Envers – Unique knitwear

Donna Wilson – Unique knitwear

Bamboo and Love – Unique knitwear for babies

Cherry Papaya – Fashion for Kids. Porto, Portugal

Knitbrary – Unique knitwear. Coruña, Spain

Fraser Knitwear – Wool scarves inspired by Fair Isle tradition, UK

Mati Ventrillon – Bespoke knitwear inspired by Fair Isle tradition, UK

Wildwood & Company – Bespoke tailoring and knitwear. Portland, OR


Ovelha Negra – Yarn and knitwear. Porto, Portugal


The Knitting School – Machine knitting classes for all levels. Seattle, WA

Knit Works London – Machine knitting classes and shop. London, UK


AAC – Textile agent. Porto, Portugal

TeamStyles – Textile agent. Braga, Portugal

PTA – Textile agent. Gilmonde, Portugal

Mara Textiles – Textile agent. Brage, Portugal

Laborstep – Textile agent. Amorim, Portugal


Evolution Knitwear – Small batch manufacturer. Kennewick, WA

Bilyan Knitwear – Knitwear. Bulgaria

Inis Meáin Knitting Co. – Knitwear. Ireland

Andersen-Andersen – Sailor sweaters. Denmark

Skinwear Ltd – Knitwear design and production. UK

Shahtex – High capacity knitting. UK


Unmade – High tech production platform for the fashion industry – Portal and information resource for global knitting industry

The Business of Fashion – Fashion news