Our workshop is centered around the idea that people value the luxury of owning truly unique garments, produced to measure from raw materials of their own choosing.

The pleasure of owning such a garment stems from the fact that everything about it is done specifically for you. It is tailored and produced with care to fit your particular taste and desire. A piece of bespoke knitwear is more than just a garment. It’s a personal accessory to who you are as a person.

With competitive rates, starting as low as 100 Euro for a piece, we make owning a piece of bespoke knitwear affordable and accessible. We are making it a luxury that most people can afford.

To have your very own custom made knitwear produced by us, either visit us here at our workshop in Porto, or send your order by mail by following our simple 4 step procedure:

  1. Choose a design
  2. Choose yarn
  3. Let us know what you have chosen and what your measurements are by contacting us at
  4. Pay us and lean back. Your order will be delivered to you by post

If you have any remaining questions related to our bespoke knitwear service, feel free to contact us at